What can I get with my CSA?

If it can be grown in the ground in the northwestern corner of Connecticut and it's edible, then we'll probably have it when it's in season and available.  We will carry a wide variety of vegetables, greens, herbs, fruits and berries, all of which you can get with your CSA share.

$300 or $600 seems like a lot of produce.  Will I really need that much?

It might seem like a lot at first glance, but if you purchase some produce every week from mid June through mid October (approximately 18 weeks), then it works out to about $16 or $33 per week.  Not that much, when you consider all of the great healthy produce you get for you and your family over the season, while supporting local farms.

What if I don't use all of my share?

Unfortunately, no refund will be available at the end of December if you haven't used the full value of your share.  But you can rest easy knowing that any unused produce is donated throughout the season through FOOD RESCUE US, an organization that picks up usable excess food from restaurants, markets and grocers to organizations to help feed the hungry . We'll send you your share balance right before the Labor Day weekend and again in October to remind you to use your share before the season is over.

How do I use my CSA share?

We store your CSA share card at The Smithy for your convenience.  When you've got your produce selections and are ready to check out, just come up to the register and let the staff know you're a CSA Member and give them your name.  We'll deduct the amount of your produce purchase from your share card and keep it handy for you the next time you come in.  We can also check the balance on the card for you at any time, just ask!

Can I use my CSA share for other items at The Smithy?

The Smithy CSA is for produce only.  This includes all vegetables, greens, herbs, fruits and edible plants, and cut flowers available at The Smithy.  It does not include milk, eggs, meat or any other items in the store at this time.  The goal of the CSA is to support the local farms that grow our produce, hence the limitations on what you can get with your share.  However, stay tuned as we are exploring the possibility of adding eggs and meat to our CSA for future seasons.